Escalating police humiliation and violence against transgender people?

Trans man Justin Adkins -- humiliated by police,

THE GUERRILLA ANGEL REPORT — I had not considered this serious pattern of police violence against us until Michelangelo Signorile brought it up in The Huffington Post. I’m now thinking yes, trans people ARE victims of stepped up brutal treatment from some law enforcement officials — these rogue cops are a reflection of a part of society still harboring a hatred towards us.

Of recent weeks, there’s transgender woman Andrea Jones held in jail for 21 days for going topless at the DMV office after her gender name change was denied.  The police kept calling her “Mr. Jones” and the charge risks her name being included in the national sex register database.

Also, California transgender woman Brooke Fantelli, last week was tazered in the crotch for no apparent reason by a Bureau of Land Management ranger who called her “dude” and other male prefixes.

Then there was trans occupy protester Justin Adkins, who got a genital pat down while none of the other 700 arrested NYC protestors was subject to one. In jail, he was mocked by police, chained to rail in the restroom and humiliated as others used the room. And more.

Signorile: This kind of brutality by police against transgender people, sadly, is nothing new. In almost every study of violence against LGBT people – which itself has increased in proportion to other groups in recent years — transgender people bear the highest proportion of violence, from bashers on the streets and from the police. But in this climate of increasingly militaristic tactics by the police amid an era of protest it’s important to note how it is playing out for a despised minority.

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Read more:  Michelangelo Signorile: Escalating Police Violence and Transgender People.


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  1. I’m an Intersexed gal living New Orleans. The cops never bother me.

    I don’t take crap from them and I am well connected to City Government.

    That’s part of the game: “Know your rights”.

    I use that all the time.

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