Thumbs up to Macy’s for firing employee who pulled Christiany card on trans customer.

Macy's stands up for trans customer, fires transphobic employee

THE GUERRILLA ANGEL REPORT — Macy’s recently fired employee, Natalie Johnson, had refused to let a transgender customer use the women’s dressing room stating her Christian beliefs prevents it. She reportedly said the trans woman was a man in make-up wearing women’s clothes. Her manager told her she needed to comply with Macy’s policy to allow trans people to use either room. An altercation ensued (I’m not sure if it was before or after the manager told her what to do) involving fellow customers, the manager and the woman. The employee was let go.

But Macy’s isn’t out of the woods. They’re being sued by a Christian legal group, Liberty Council. They want the store’s LGBT policy changed — they say it violated the employee’s Christian beliefs.  The organizations works on behalf of employees who believe their religious convictions resulted in wrongful terminations.

We ought to show our support for Macy’s in this matter since they stood up for us.

More from the Houston Chronicle: Macy’s worker reportedly fired for not allowing transgender shopper into dressing room | Believe It or Not | a blog.

In this article, there is more about the Liberty Council organization and their transphobic thinking:


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  1. Good for Macy’s! Just goes to show how OBSESSED right wingers are with what is in other people’s underwear – and with bathrooms/restrooms/toilets… just like their obsession with forcing the world to conform with their beliefs… Who do they think they are anyway?

  2. How dare an employee arbitrarily override the diversity rules which their employer has set down! If a company’s policy – which should be a matter of public record – conflicts with a person’s belief, then that person has a choice: take the job and put their personal beliefs aside, or don’t take the job – it’s really that simple. By firing this religious bigot, Macy’s has shown that their policies are more than just rhetoric … and that maybe they should never have employed the guy in the first place. Justice has been done.

    • I could not agree more…!!! We are a nation with freedom of choice, and no one twisted this employee’s arm to accept this job. If she does not approve with the diversity policy set in place by Macy’s, then no one is preventing her from resigning her position with the company and looking for employment elsewhere. I am sure there are plenty of unemployed citizens out there who will have no issues with complying with a diversity policy… 😉

  3. Bravo to Macy’s for not only standing up for their diversity policy, but for the rights of Transfolk everywhere. I shop at Macy’s quite a bit and I will continue to be a shopper there…!!!

  4. My company has a similar ruling. Zero tolerance on discrimination. It’s in the company guidelines. Each employee is made aware of these guidelines when they sign their hiring papers. Trying to state religious beliefs after the fact does not save your bacon, why this religious legal group is even attempting a court case is highly pathetic..

  5. Thanks for your comments everyone! Much appreciated.

  6. The US is a community that revels in litigation for profit anyways (I was married to a US citizen, years ago..) Glad for the store standing behind the policy of acceptance, afterall ladies, we all want to shop, where ever we want to. Religion acts as a filter to some people, sadly they miss the point though, Love One Another, comes to mind. We ALL our reflections of the divine, everyday in everyway…

  7. Thank all of you. Recently, I have had the most difficult decisions to make. I reluctantly made them. I have thought long and hard about this for a very long time and I feel as it is time that I stand up and grab this bull by the tail and face this situation once and for all. I did not make this decision lightly. I tried desparately to retrieve help from outside sources and no one would help. No lawyers, no one. (ie; ACLU, Mississippi Bar Assc.) There were two lawyers that said they would help for a nominal fee of $5,000 each and were not even sure they could complete the mission. SO, the decision to go back into the ring with the KKK (my ex’s family) is not on my best times list. I was shot at and run off the road by these people more than once during the first round. What am I thinking to want to do this? I am thinking that I am willing to go the distance no matter how hard this seemingly impossible mission is. I faced worst dangers in the war zone and now my war is at home. I may not make it out alive this time but at least you can say that I died trying. If you believe in a cause with all your heart, mind, body, and soul, there is no way but forward into battle. I can not and will not bow down to the part of our society that uses the should be forces of good to do evil. If I don’t do this, my life will have been in vain. I am quite aware of the possible consequences including but not limited to, losing visitation with my son. As I was talking to my son about that possible outcome, I cried really hard while he grabbed my face and looked me nose to nose directly into my eyes and said, “Stop crying, you are not going to lose me. I am not going anywhere. If my mother does this, then I will see you again, I promise.” Now, if you are like me, that made me cry harder to know that somebody loves me that much. I am crying now with just the thought of it but, I will not back down. I will not let them win anymore. They stole my daughter’s heart away from me with their hatred. They will not do that to my son. God has blessed me with knowing what unconditional love is and I am doing this for all of us so we all can enjoy this feeling in the future. That’s why I ask for support from all of you. My heart is telling me to do this. Our future freedoms in LGBT community depends on it.

  8. I’d like to see this woman try and sue Macy’s and tell them to change their policies because it goes against her religious beliefs. She CHOSE to work for Macy’s.

    I have so much respect for this company right now.

  9. Ok, how did this even get to this point, surely to goodness during the employee’s induction period she would have been told about transgender/transsexual customers.

    How could Macy’s store managers allow her to work on the shop floor without the right sensitivity training, or if she expressed a problem during induction, either re-train her or re-assign her to a department where this is not a problem, there are hundreds of jobs within the department that someone could work and not have contact with customers.

    Being fired was a mistake, Macy’s went too far and they did not try hard enough to correct her. Rehabilitate her actions before dismissal.

    If they tried and the employee refused to be corrected, then fire her.

    • I believe Macy’s gave her a choice — follow the store policy or face termination.

      While we don’t know what went on behind the door in her manager’s office, I’m pretty certain her manager pleaded with her in many different ways to just agree to the policy while on the clock . . . and she choose not to. I don’t think Macys fired her on the spot unless there was something else not disclosed that factored into the matter.

      Thanks for your comments!


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