Fired for planning transition, transgender woman wins Circuit Court panel appeal

Vandy Beth Glenn, wins appeal after being fired for planning transition. (ThinkProgress photo)

THE GUERRILLA ANGEL REPORT — “Brumby [the woman’s supervisor] stated during court depositions that the thought of someone with male sexual organs in women’s clothing was “unsettling” to him, was “something I don’t like to think about,” and was something he viewed as “unnatural.” Brumby also freely admitted he thought Georgia legislators would think Glenn’s presence at the Capitol would be “immoral.” — GA Voice

The 11th Circuit Panel didn’t agree and ruled that Vandy Beth Glenn, a legislative editor in the GA Assembly, was illegally fired by her supervisor Sewell Brumby, for planning a gender transition. The judges considered the firing as sex discrimination. All three judges on the panel agreed on the matter, including a judge thought to lean anti-LGBT.

This decision is almost certain to have a huge and far reaching impact on trans people’s rights nationwide.  It could, however, be appealed, maybe to the Supreme Court.  Stay tuned.

More from ThinkProgress: 11th Circuit: Transgender Discrimination Is Sex-Based Discrimination | ThinkProgress.

GA Voice:


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4 replies

  1. that´s very cool! But I think, a woman who is or was wrong assigned shouldn´t be called “transgender”. That´s mixing things and identities, which don´t fit together, a woman is a woman (if wrong assigned or not) and a transgender (to my point of view not or hardly man nor woman) is a transgender.

    Besides, transgender is a term that´s created by some stupid sexologists of the 60s, it has a very negative connotation and especially therefore simply sucks.^^

    Don´t know why people, especially in the USA tend to mix L,G,B/poly, transgender, inter and wrong assigned people, there´s a big difference between em all and being a man/woman is not being between sexes, genders or anything. It´s beeing put between genders atificially by society and that´s what we´re figting against, aren´t we?
    (Although we also fight for the right of transgenders, inter and others who have other problems and aims).

  2. Good for her and for all of us but only time will tell !!!!

  3. A woman who was born with male parts and eventually transitions is transgender. Transgender has no negative connotations, it’s used all the time. Transgender is an umbrella term for anyone who is non-conforming to their assigned gender and also “a transgender,” is not appropriate usage of the word.


  1. New wave for transgender civil rights triggered by the Vandy Glenn federal court ruling? « The Guerrilla Angel Report by Lexie Cannes

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