Transcript from deaf services Viable CEO John Yeh fraud conviction sentencing

John TC Yeh, former Gallaudet University trustee convicted of fraud.

THE GUERRILLA ANGEL REPORT — This is a text transcript of the sentence proceedings of the John Yeh federal trial. Although Yeh’s colleagues pleaded for a lessor sentence, the judge through the book at him. Yeh personally gained $20 million dollars from this fraud. His brother, another $20 million. Others involved will be sentenced later.

Here is my earlier report on the conviction:

Here’s the text via IDeaf News and GallyNet-l:

Nov. 30, 2011

Clarkson S Fisher Federal Courthouse

  • Court will start at 9 30am
  • No pictures or video are permitted at the court but live texting will be available
  • The lawyers are coming in
  • John and Joseph yeh lawyers are sitting down
  • Court starts in 5 min. The officer is asking people no cameras and no videos and they need to sit down now
  • United states prosecutors are sitting on their table
  • John Yeh is standing outside from the court room.
  • More lawyers arrive here in the court now
  • The court room is full of people sitting and waiting for the court to begin
  • John’s son, Jason is in the court room on 2nd row
  • John yeh is now in the court room
  • Joseph yeh is with John yeh. Joseph is john’s brother
  • John is in a good spirit. He said hello to his people in the back of the court room.
  • Yeh brothers are talking to their lawyers right now.
  • The court will begin shortly.
  • The lawyers are preparing to begin.
  • John yeh is very silent and he is thinking..
  • John Yeh is sitting and writing something. He also talking with his lawyers.
  • Over 100 people are here in the court so far.
  • The US prosecutors and John’s lawyers are discussing now
  • John Yeh is talking with Dr. Robert Davila
  • John just thanked to iDeafnews for coming to the court. He wants Deaf and Hard of hearing community to know what’s happening with him and the court.
  • The judge has entered the court room.
  • Lawyers are introducing themselves to the judge
  • The court is discussing sentencing report
  • Judge has read all paperworks related to sentencing and affiliates
  • Judge is now talking about the case.
  • He is talking about the sentencing process.
  • Judge is still talking about the guidelines related to sentencing.
  • Us prosecutor is now talking
  • John yeh’s lawyer is now talking about agreement about sentencing with us prosecutor.
  • Financial lost around 20 million to 50 million by John and Joseph yeh
  • Lawyers and us prosecutor is discussing levels and points related to sentencing. John has 34 points and Joseph has 32 points.
  • Lawyers ask to adjust sentencing due of their ages and disability.
  • Us prosecutors now speaking why should they be sentenced.
  • Reminder this is a live text not video streaming. Court won’t allow any video and pictures at this time.
  • Us prosecutor is explaining to judge why John and Joseph should be punished.
  • Presenting evidences of why John and Joseph did this
  • Us prosecutor claim John yeh knew what happened and he need to be punished.
  • Us prosecutor claims 20 million dollars is lost and ask for more than 15 years in prison. Not determined yet.
  • Asking Joseph yeh to be sentenced 12 years in prison. Not determined yet.
  • Us prosecutor calling a witness.
  • Jay keithley is called as a witness and he works with federal communication commission as a investigator. He is called by US prosecutor at this time.
  • US prosecutor is asking Kay (witness) how vrs system works and how they get paid for their services
  • The judge lift his arms above his head relaxing and listening.
  • Joseph and John yeh is very quiet and looking at interpreter talking about vrs.
  • Kay (witness) is explaining about the false calls made by viable.
  • Kay (witness) claims John and Joseph yeh have earned more than 29.5 millions by making false calls.
  • Around 67 percent calls were claimed false. Kay said
  • Kay explains how they investigate on fraud calls
  • Now John s lawyer is talking with Kay (witness).
  • John lawyer is asking clarification about incentive plans being made by other vrs service that is similar to viable.
  • Joseph Yeh’s lawyer now asking Kay (witness)
  • Kay has been released as witness and he returns to his seat.
  • Calling Alfred sonnesthral to the stand
  • Alfred is being called to the stand by john yeh s lawyer.
  • Alfred say he know John yeh since 1960
  • John Yeh’s lawyer is asking him how he knows John yeh and what his relationship was
  • Alfred explains how John yeh worked with deaf community in the past and how he devoted his time and energy toward deaf community.
  • John lawyer asked Alfred about CSDVRS clear blue program
  • Alfred explains the concept of clear blue and it is not related to this issue.
  • Alfred stated that John yeh apologized and accepted for his behavior
  • The US prosecutor is asking Alfred questions now
  • The plaintiff lawyer asked Alfred if John Yeh admitted him that he was guilty. Alfred said yes with one count.
  • Now judge asked for 15 min break
  • I deaf news asked John yeh during the break asking how does he feel about this so far and he said “I m expecting this to happen and he is prepared for what will come to him next.
  • John yeh is talking with frank Turk.
  • Fanny yeh is talking with interpreter about cart issue that the court need to provide one but there is none.
  • Dr. Frank Turk stood up and expressed his feeling about how wonderful John Yeh did and has contributed to the Deaf and HOH community.
  • Dr. Robert Davila had expressed his feeling about John Yeh as well. He also expressed his concern about prison situation that many Deaf n HOH prisoners had bad experienced in the past.
  • The judge sentenced John Yeah 108 months in prison.
  • The judge also sentenced John’s brother 55 months in prison.

End of text transcript.

Source: IDeaf News and GallyNet-L


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