Hell Pizza apologizes for ‘you will marry transgender’ “misfortune” cookies.

Hell Pizza says they're sorry for offending trans people. (NZ Herald photo)

THE GUERRILLA ANGEL REPORT — Hell Pizza, a chain based in New Zealand has apologized for insulting transgender people with “Misfortune Cookies” that included one that read “you will marry transgender”.

My previous post on this: https://lexiecannes.wordpress.com/2011/12/03/misfortune-cookie-you-will-marry-a-transgender/

From the firm’s website: “Wow, you go away for a weekend and step back into a maelstrom. Guys, you’re right and we’ve seen the light on this one. We agree that we may have inadvertently hurt some of our greatest advocates and for that we unreservedly apologize. We like to be irreverent and cheeky but we realise we stepped over a line on this one.”

From the New Zealand Herald News: The chain’s Facebook page was hammered by customers and members of the gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender community, with many seeing the message as “disrespectful, ignorant and completely inappropriate.”

I’d like to thank everyone who took the time to contact Hell Pizza when I posted an article about it a few days ago!

via Hell Pizza sorry for ‘misfortune’ transgender cookie – Business – NZ Herald News


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