[UPDATED]Saudi Arabia afraid allowing women to drive will lead to sex.

Saudi Arabian women may never drive because of government's fear of sex.

THE GUERRILLA ANGEL REPORT — [Update: Saudi Woman to Be Lashed for Driving, Despite Royal Pardon–see link below] A document by a “well-known academic” was given to a high level Saudi Arabian advisory group to King Abdullah claiming that allowing women to drive could ‘encourage premarital sex’. The country’s ‘virgin brides tradition’ would be at risk the report says.

The all-male advisory group, Shura Council, has not disclosed if there was scholarly critique with the report nor did they state who requested or wrote the document. There is speculation that clerics are intending to resist many, if not most social changes being suggested by King Abdullah. These hard line clerics may be behind this development.

IMO, the fact they are bickering on women’s rights over something as mundane as driving a car shows that nothing short of a revolution Saudi Arabia will change conditions for women in this lifetime.

Source: Associated Press.

[Update] Saudi Woman to Be Lashed for Driving, Despite Royal Pardon: http://www.theatlantic.com/international/archive/2011/12/saudi-woman-to-be-lashed-


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  1. I wonder what their perceptions about the transgendered are? I had a friend who was from Egypt, and she told me that Egypt performed more sexual reassignment surgeries there, than anyone in the world!


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