Misfortune Cookie: “You Will Marry a Transgender”

Misfortune Cooke: "You will marry a transgender." (Photo credit: NZ Daily News)

THE GUERRILLA ANGEL REPORT — Over the line I’d say. Hell Pizza, a chain that is based is New Zealand, has decided being transgender is a misfortune. Reportedly, the company is never afraid to offend with their Misfortune Cookies promotion, however, in this case, they’re being bigots — plain and simple. And they’re making money doing it.

They’re reportedly getting a lot of negative feedback publicity from the “transgender misfortune” cookie, and I believe we can help in that regard. I’ve listed a few contacts below so you, too, can vent about this stupidity.

http://hellpizza.com Warren Powell, Callum Davies and Stu McMullin, owners.


feedback@hell.co.nz 0800-666-111 (New Zealand)

feedback@hellpizza.com.au  13-4355 (Australia)

feedback@hellpizzaindia.com  911-46-548-666 (India)

feedback@hellpizza.ca  604 986 6661 (Vancouver BC)

feedback@hell.ie  1890-456-666 (Ireland)

feedback@hellpizza.co.uk  08456-666-999 (United Kingdom)



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  1. Triggering, so so TRIGGERING!!!!


  1. Hell Pizza apologizes for ‘you will marry transgender’ “misfortune” cookies. « The Guerrilla Angel Report by Lexie Cannes

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