Fix-a-Flat Medicine — People can be stupid, even some trans people, but so what?

Goes in your tire, not your butt.

THE GUERRILLA ANGEL REPORT — I first read a report about an unlicensed doctor and her Fix-a-Flat butt enhancement procedure in my local newspaper — the word “transgender” wasn’t mentioned. I thought, people can be stupid — not only to think of such a thing to do, but to also willingly subject themselves to an injection of the stuff. Later I saw another article of the same incident, this time with a photo showing post-procedure results, again, no mention of any transperson involvement — I chuckled and thought, wow, people can be REALLY stupid!

It wasn’t until I got online and read a post about a “transgender fake doctor” injecting people with Fix-a-Flat. Is this the same incident? Yes, it was as it turns out. Wow. And now, more “patients” have stepped forward. Yup, people can be really, really stupid, even transgender people. No one group is immune to stupidity — a true equal opportunity choice/condition oppressed by no one. This is not news and did not need to be brought up.

Thumbs up to the few mainstream media reports that didn’t bring up the person’s trans status — as it was completely unrated and had no bearing at all on the incident.

Hopefully we can move on from this, pronto!


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