Bar bet among city workers lead to harassed transgender woman.

Contact Des Moines Mayor Cownie to voice your opinion on the behavior of city employees.

THE GUERRILLA ANGEL REPORT — Yup, witnesses say a group of Des Moines, Iowa Public Works employees harassed a trans woman during the department’s annual party at a bar. The bar manager believes the trans woman’s wig was ripped off her head to collect a $100 bet.

The trans woman did not press charges because she did not want to reveal her name. However, video from inside the bar triggered the city to start an investigation. Public Works Director Bill Stowe was stated as saying regardless of who is responsible, that type of behavior is “repulsive”.

Z’s Bar & Grill manager Sharon Pasutti: “It`s not a joke. It hurt her very deeply, humiliated her so I don`t think anyone has the right to do that to anybody . . .”

This is a great opportunity for a very public learning experience since they are employed by taxpayers (us)!

Contact the city manager of Des Moines: (515) 283-4141

Email the City of Des Moines:

Contact the Mayor: Franklin Cownie:

  • City Hall Phone: (515) 283-4944
  • Home Phone: (515) 255-3644

Watch the video:

BAD BEHAVIOR: Witnesses claim Des Moines employees harassed transgender woman at a bar – WHO.


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  1. ignorance is alive and well and this is just another example. This is blatant…you dont hear about the subtle ways we are harrassed.

  2. Sounds as though the city of Des Moines, particularly their employees, is in need of some education and enlightenment about transgender issues. I’d be delighted to help.


  1. Des Moines city employee punished for last week’s harassment of a trans woman to collect on a bet. « The Guerrilla Angel Report by Lexie Cannes

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