The recall of Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker starts with neighbors.

'Get off my lawn!' Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker seems to be telling petitioners!

THE GUERRILLA ANGEL REPORT — Organizers of the recall effort set up tables at the homes of Gov. Scott’s neighbors and invited people to come in and sign recall petitions. Around 1,000 people eventually gathered in the area and held a small rally. There were no major disturbances although some were rather vocal of their concerns.

The governor said elsewhere he did not appreciate this disruption but I found it ironic because the actions of Gov. Scott cause major disruptions in the lives of thousands of people in his own state.

The Democrat Governors Association said they would contribute to the recall effort if enough signatures are gathered.

Maryland Gov. Martin Amalle, DGA chairman: “If we have an opportunity to replace a narrow-minded, ideological and ineffective governor with a Democratic governor that gets things done, we’ll be in there with both feet . . . “

WI Democratic party chair, Mike Tate: “I fully anticipate there will be signatures collected in every single Wisconsin county, I hope to collect at least 600,000 signatures by the deadline.” He says they have trained 9,000 people to gather signatures.

Read more:

About 1,000 Rally Against Walker Near His Tosa Turf, But Some Stand by Him – Wauwatosa, WI Patch.


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