Congrats to the filmmakers and subject of deaf transgender film “Austin Unbound”.

Austin Richey at the Northwest Filmmaker's Festival in Portland, Oregon

THE GUERRILLA ANGEL REPORT — The transgender-themed documentary “Austin Unbound” wrapped up its amazing premiere “weekend” with a showing Tuesday night (yesterday) at the Northwest Filmmaker’s Festival.  It ended up being three showings in 4 days at two different venues.

Filmmaker Eliza Greenwood says other film festivals are possible in the future — indeed she made her way to the airport after the last showing to tend to more film-related business. She told me she is hoping to get distribution for the film.

As for the subject of the doc, Austin Richey is pleased with the positive effect his film will have for deaf trans people. In the years since production first started, word has gotten around about Austin’s story and the deaf trans community is less isolated than it used to be.

My congrats to Austin and Eliza!

(1) Austin Unbound fanpage.

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