‘Sex-change regret’ article by Sarah Lonsdale — look closer at the date!

THE GUERRILLA ANGEL REPORT — Titled “When Sex Change is a Mistake — Bitter Regrets” — it was first published in 1993, using information from 1987! This story is is being “reprinted” on the UK’s “The Independent” website and is being shared, seemingly, to put SRS in a bad light by alluding ‘many’ people change their mind after having the surgery.

I do agree with the basic premise — people do changes their minds afters surgery, but it is relatively rare and doctors do their best to weed them out — often at the expense of making those who are obvious candidates wait longer. There’s also the personal responsibility factor — no one is ever forced into SRS.

From the article: She blames the medical profession for recommending irreversible surgery when she was in no fit state to think the issue through for herself.

Perhaps a medical professional did make a mistake, but I find it had to believe most of them would suggest any kind surgery of this type to people who aren’t able to think the issues through for themselves.

I’d say readers be skeptical and keep in mind the date of the article.

You can read it here:  When sex-change is a mistake: Some transsexuals suffer bitter regrets. Sarah Lonsdale reports – Life & Style – The Independent.


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  1. I agree that is an extremely misleading article on many levels. The date is so old that it’s useless. They imply the medical profession pushed this person into SRS when she herself says that her psychiatrist told she was “a homosexual that couldn’t accept it”. I also hate the way articles like these imply that if someone who has a life long history of depression aren’t completely cured they “failed”. SRS helps trans women feel more comfortable but it’s not a cure all.

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