Occupy Portland — to Rest In Peace.

Quiet Autumn park scene after police evict Occupy Portland

THE GUERRILLA ANGEL REPORT- Occupy Portland came to a relatively peaceful end. I managed to snap some pictures around Noon Sunday and I’ve posted some of them here. I was in the area on business, so I don’t have all the details at this moment, but you can check the website of the local newspaper, The Oregonian: http://www.oregonlive.com 

This just in from Willamette Week: Update 1:43 pm: City employees have erected a fence around Lownsdale Square, while around 30 riot police surround the last protesters at Chapman Square.

via Most Protesters Home, Park Cleanup Underway; Fences Up Soon Updated.


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A show of force across the street from the few remaining people still occupying the park..

A last confrontation? Law enforcement officials largely ignore them.

The last few holdouts discuss their next step. (telephoto shot)

Local TV stations were out in full force, including at least two helicopters.

Quiet Autumn park scene after police evict Occupy Portland

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  1. Stick around until November 17, 2011!

  2. There has been 50 new arrests since I posted this story.

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