Comedian Eddie Izzard plans to run for office to help the trans community.

"Cake or death?" Eddie Izzard on stage.

THE GUERRILLA ANGEL REPORT — Comedian Eddie Izzard wants to give the transgender community a voice in politics so he plans to eventually run for either mayor of London or Member of the UK  Parliament. Izzard says he has a 9-year plan and 2020 appears to be the likely date he’d run. He says he’d be using his high profile to help the TG community.

Izzard:  ” . . . at this point with the transgender community still struggling to get into the mainstream, gay and lesbian communities are much further up the ladder there. If you’re not planning (ahead) its not really going to happen.” –Sydney Morning Herald

I’d love to see this happen. If you’ve never heard Eddie Izzard, I’d suggest you start with the DVD “Dressed to Kill”. He’s absolutely fantastic in his comedic interpreting of all things trans. For many of us, he’s one up on the other greats of comedy.

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