(Updated) Boyfriend convicted for ‘transgender’ murder — sometimes it’s not a hate crime.

Krissy Bates, murdered by man she was dating.

THE GUERRILLA ANGEL REPORT — (Updated: Arnold Darwin Waukazo, was convicted of second-degree murder.) On trial today is Arnold Darwin Waukazo charged with killing his transgender girlfriend Christopher “Krissy” Bates. Both are from the Twin Cities, Minn area. Judge Allen Oliesky will hear testimony and render a verdict after Waukazon waived his right to a jury trial. Waukazo is not being charged with a hate crime because they were dating and talked of moving in together.

The transgender community in the Twin Cities were outraged when the crime occurred and held a vigil in the days following.

The FBI was involved earlier in the case when the the local police thought there might be a civil rights issue. There is also a report that Bates might have been a part-time sex worker. The spelling of Krissy’s name has also been reported as Chrissie.


In my opinion the DA’s office was correct in not labeling this a hate crime — Indeed this incident has all the markings of an ordinary run-of-the-mill murder between two parties who knew each other. The transgender aspect of this does not and did not need to come into play. If Waukazo is guilty, he should have the book thrown at him and sent away to prison. Unless there is evidence that has not been disclosed, the matter should end there.

(Update: Arnold Darwin Waukazo, was convicted of second-degree murder: http://www.startribune.com/local/north/134435128.html


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2 replies

  1. Violence against women IS a hate crime. Perhaps, you’re right that the trans aspect was not the motivating factor, but it’s absolutely NOT a run of the mill murder between two people who knew each other, it’s part an epidemic of domestic violence perpetrated by men against their female partners. It absolutely is “gendered” and it absolutely is about hate.

  2. Granted, violence against women rates up there at hate crime level, however there is (apparently) no law on the books for the DA to add additional charges for violence against women crimes.
    I’d be in favor of new laws that give the DAs additional tools to combat this.

    Thanks for commenting.

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