Three transgender passengers kicked off Spokane (WA) bus

Transgender passengers kicked off Spokane Transit Agency bus. Photo credit: Young Kwak

THE GUERRILLA ANGEL REPORT — Discussing bisexually got them the boot. The three transgender passengers  were told by the driver that ‘their conversation was inappropriate in public’.

Mat Kellogg, Jessica Jahn, and Kaitlyn Bahn say no offensive or explicit language was used unless usage of the words “bisexual” and“queer” are considered offensive. They also claim by the time they were asked to get off the bus, there were no other people riding the bus.

In a statement from the transit agency, they said the driver “asked three teenagers to leave the bus because she believed the content of their conversation, which could be heard by other passengers, was not appropriate on the bus.”

Odyssey Youth Center’s Carla Savalli who is assisting the bus riders, states that three complaints have been filed against the transit agency. While the agency has responded back to her, it isn’t clear if the agency plans further action. They have declined to comment on most questions posted by the media on this incident.

via NEWS/COMMENTARY – Three passengers kicked off a Spokane bus for discussing bisexuality.


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