Research survey says most Americans support transgender rights and legal protections

Transgender Flag (photo: zazzle)

THE GUERRILLA ANGEL REPORT — I can’t vet for the accuracy or the reputation of the researchers of this study, but the findings are indeed glowing for transgender Americans.

The Public Religion Research Institute’s (PRI) study is supposedly “one of the first independent studies of attitudes on transgender issues and Americans’ knowledge of transgender identity. ”

Dr. Robert P. Jones, CEO of PRI “Three out of four Americans say Congress should pass employment nondiscrimination laws that protect transgender people ,this strong support is also broad, persisting across party lines and the religious spectrum.”

Here are some of the findings . . .

Approximately 9-in-10 (89%) Americans—including strong majorities of all religious and partisan groups—agree that transgender people deserve the same rights and protections as other Americans.

Approximately three-quarters of Americans both say Congress should pass employment nondiscrimination laws to protect transgender people, and favor Congress’s recent expansion of hate crimes legislation to protect transgender people.

Three-quarters (75%) of Americans agree that Congress should pass laws to protect transgender people from job discrimination. . . .

Approximately two-thirds of Americans both report being well informed about transgender people and issues, and generally understand what the term “transgender” means.

More data from PRI:  News Release | Strong Majorities Favor Rights & Legal Protections for Transgender People : Public Religion Research Institute.


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