Netflix sucks up one third of Internet bandwidth!

Bandwidth hog and video store killer.

THE GUERRILLA ANGEL REPORT — Well, that’s a sobering bit of information, but there’s more: video consumes 1/3 of of peak mobile traffic — most of that is attributed to YouTube! Yep, the stuttering video on your smart phone is caused by other mobile users watching video as well.

Is this fair for other users? There may be a shake out on this. However, video is driving mobile technology — we’re getting better phones as a result of people’s desire to watch video on their phones.

More factoids: Real-time entertainment and apps bandwidth usage approach two thirds of peak traffic, and in North America only 45% of the traffic goes to PCs or laptop — most go to mobile or game consoles type devices!

Netflix takes up 32.7% of Internet bandwidth –

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