Howard County (Maryland) to make gender identity a protected class.

THE GUERRILLA ANGEL REPORT — With a solid Democratic majority on the Howard county Council in Maryland, the council is expected to make  gender identity a protected class. This ensures that all transgender residents have equal treatment when it comes to employment and housing in Howard county. If passed, it will be the third jurisdiction in Maryland making transgender a protected class.

Council Chairman Calvin Ball: “It’s important for us to ensure a safe and comfortable environment for all of our residents, in a world where there are people who because of their gender identity are being discriminated against, we need to take action.”

Sharon Brackett, board Chairwoman of Gender Rights Maryland: “Because of the stigma and the social prejudice that exists, there are countless folks that are closeted, the council bill should help lift some of the stigma and prejudice . . .”

Heath Goisovich of PFLAG is saying the bill should not have much opposition.

More from the Baltimore Sun: Howard County: Council aims to make gender identity a protected class –


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