Court rules transgender Illinoisans can update their birth certificates without genital surgery.

The ACLU's John Knight (Photo credit: Jay Geneske)

THE GUERRILLA ANGEL REPORT — A ruling from a Cook County (IL) Circuit Court judge has made it easier to obtain a gender change on one’s birth certificate, but it is far from being certain for everyone that applies for this change.

The Civil Rights Agenda’s Anthony Martinez: The new rules mandate that transgender applicants prove they have had an “operation,” which is better than the word “surgery, operation” could be interpreted by physicians as hormone replacement therapy, which might allow some who have not had surgery to update their documents. “Surgery,” the word used in the old policy, required actual cutting.” (Source: Windy City Times)

John Knight of the ACLU: “It confirms our long-held belief that the State never should have involved itself in these private decisions about medical care,” we hope that everyone who sought a new birth certificate listing their correct gender from the Department of Public Health in the past—and been denied—will act quickly to apply for a new birth certificate.”

Lauren Grey, Victor Williams and Nicholas Guarino, and the ACLU sued the state because they wanted to change their birth certificates but didn’t yet have SRS as required by the state of Illinois.

Read more:Windy City Times – Transgender ruling ends genital-surgery requirement – 409.


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