Survey says: Trans woman on Jeopardy! Is this true?

Sorry, your answer must in the form of a question.

THE GUERRILLA ANGEL REPORT — One of my new Facebook friends is saying that her friend said (I know, friend of a friend) that a trans woman appeared on Jeopardy today (Oct. 24, 2012). Anybody know anything about this? My check of the “usual sources” came up with zip, and a meeting in an underground parking garage with Deep Throat was unproductive. So, if anyone saw the show, or better yet has a link to that information, I’ll update everyone.

I'll have American Idiots for $500, Alex!

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  1. Some viewers apparently judged Betsy Chisolm’s appearance to be that of a transwoman. I found pictures of her, remember her (sort of, anyway) and cannot agree with any certainty. Of course, if she is and chooses not to share that, so be it.

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