Former metal band Agony and Ecstasy front person Keith Caputo, now Mina Caputo

Mina Caputo (photo credit: The Advocate)

THE GUERRILLA ANGEL REPORT — “There may be other transgender heavy metal musicians but none as high profile as Mina Caputo.”  . . . “Once known as Keith Caputo, the front-person for the popular rock band Life of Agony, Mina Caputo shocked heavy metal fans when bloggers and magazines around the globe picked up on her transition this summer.” — quote from The Advocate.

I really enjoyed this interview by Diane Anderson Minshall. Metal fans, and trans musicians will find this a worthy read.

Mina Caputo: “The whole penis… I’m OK with that down there, you know. Most people don’t realize that there’s more to being a woman than just, I guess, putting on dresses and wearing makeup and your genitals. [People think] you have a male body and a penis so that makes you the man. But they can’t dig deep enough unless they really want to understand what’s going on in the subconscious mind . . .”

Read the entire interview here: Agony and Ecstasy  | Advance | The Advocate.


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