President of Brown University goes to bat for transgender individuals!

Brown University President Simmons goes to bat for transgender individuals.

THE GUERRILLA ANGEL REPORT — Brown University Ruth J. Simmons: “We must do all in our power as an institution to carry the message to Congress, the executive branch, and the military establishment that the policy barring transgender individuals from military service must be changed.”

Brown University President Simmons is responding to the ruckus surrounding ROTC on campus recruiting. The U.S. Defense Department recently changed recruiting policies allowing lesbian and gay recruits, however, transgender individuals are still not permitted in our military.

While I’m not sure what will be the ultimate outcome here, however, I do think its important to single out those who go to bat for transgender people.

Simmons goes on to say: “Courage has never been in short supply at Brown and it will not be in this instance.”

via Response to the ROTC Report by President Ruth J. Simmons 10-19 | Final Report of the Committee on the ROTC.

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  1. Of many Native American tribes, transgender individuals were well known as fierce warriors- such as the “Himani” of the Northern Arapaho, who stayed among the women & children as first line of defense when the men were away.

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