Maine ACLU awards transgender girl and family highest award — prompted by school bathroom incident

Asa C Adams School in Orono, Maine forced trans girl to use boy's bathroom.

THE GUERRILLA ANGEL REPORT — Taking action on behalf of TG people after their 14-year-old trans child was forced to use a boy’s bathroom at school results in the child’s family being awarded the ACLU of Maine’s highest honor.

Quote from Tammy Reed of the Examiner: “The Maines family decided that they needed to get involved in publicly advocating for transgender rights after one particular incident that happened to their trangendered daughter at her school, Asa C. Adams School in Orono, Maine. Their daughter, Nicole, was told by the staff at her school that she had to use the boys bathroom, not the girl’s bathroom. Upon hearing this, The Maines family decided that action needed to be taken… not only on behalf of their daughter, but on behalf of transgendered youth everywhere.”

The Executive Director of ACLU of Maine Shenna Bellows said this:  “The ACLU of Maine is very proud to honor [this] family for their advocacy and courage… They took enormous personal risk to advocate for an entire community.”

Read the full article here: Transgender teen and her family to be presented with award by ACLU – National Transgender & Transsexual Issues |

I wrote of another school bathroom incident earlier this year in Georgia here:


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