LadyFace // ManBody — a trans/gender-bending art project like no other.

Heather Cassils

Heather Cassils

THE GUERRILLA ANGEL REPORT — This is a provactive art project that even I don’t quite fully grasp. Yet, I urge you to check out the video and photos.  The artist is a (born female) trans person who has yet decided whether to take hormones or have SRS. Her work challenges society’s perception of gender and who we are inside our bodies. I think its cool when trans artists force society to rethink the labels they’ve foisted on us!

“Heather Cassils one of those people, a true punk with the kind of fearlessness that most biological men wish they were born with.” (From the Huffington Post)

Watch the video here, especially the part between 1:55 to 2:30:

Photos are here:

See Heather Cassils’s new work, come to the exhibition: Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibitions (LACE) presents Los Angeles Goes Live: Performance Art in Southern California 1970-1983, on view now until Jan. 29, 2012.

Check out Heather Cassils and Robin Black’s collaborative fine art zine LADY FACE//MAN BODY. The zine features powerful pin-ups for a shifting cultural landscape.

via Heather Cassils: A Traditional Sculpture (VIDEO).

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