City opening homeless shelter for trans people in Philadelphia

City to open homeless shelter for trans people

THE GUERRILLA ANGEL REPORT — “We don’t take transgenders” a security guard at the Philadelphia Appletree Center homeless intake center told  homeless trans person Jaden Hensley.

From Metro: “It’s against city policy to discriminate against LGBTs in city-funded programs,” said Sade Ali, deputy commissioner of the city Department of Behavioral Health. “Can we monitor 24 hours a day the actions of folks who don’t understand the ordinance? I wish we could.”

This incident however has resulted in the creation of a city funded transgender shelter and health services center called the Morris Home. This is great news considering the recent study finding show that trans people, especially people of color tend to be discriminated against in devastating numbers. That study is here:

Sade Ali: : “We are hoping to get the doors opened in November, everyone deserves access to services and a place to go.”

Metro – Philly establishing transgender shelter.

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