Tokyo radiation hot spots exceed contamination level around Chernobyl.

"Radioactive" placard -- required on all vehicles transporting ANY amount of material having radiation.

THE GUERRILLA ANGEL REPORT — 22 out of 132 areas tested in Tokyo exceed level set for contamination zones around Chernobyl. A baseball field exceeded the level by a factor of 5. A church, almost 25 times. These findings were made by The Radiation Defense Project and the Isotope Research Institute in Japan.

Believed to be spread by wind and rain, nobody really knows how many hot spots there are in Tokyo because officials seemingly don’t want to believe radioactive hot spots can form so far away from Fukushima, the site of the nuclear meltdown.

Nuclear experts though, including some in Japan are trying to get this reality back on the front pages. Some, including the man who recorded the shocking amount of radiation at the ball park, moved his family out of Tokyo to a city 450 miles away. Decontamination, they say, needs to begin at the high level hot spots before they become health hazards and contaminate the food chain.

Radioactive hot spots exceeding Chernobyl levels in a major city in the United States would prompt outrage from all areas of the populace. The Japanese people deserve no less attention than what we would give the matter.

More details:

Research findings in a .pdf:

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