Gov. Jerry Brown still goes his own way, but signs two pro-trans bill.

California Gov. Jerry Brown

THE GUERRILLA ANGEL REPORT — For someone who has been following Jerry Brown’s career since he was governor of California from the first time around, I’d have to say I’m still impressed with his fiercely independent streak.

While Gov. Brown generally supports left leaning matters, his position on any given issue  cannot be taken for granted. Now as governor, takes the time to examine each bill that crosses his desk and asks if it makes sense, or if it is even needed. If it’s not the best we can do, surprise, its vetoed!

Those on the right get surprised once in a while too, like when he sided with them on charter schools, because as the gov/attorney general/mayor/gov said, it was something he knew that worked for him in Oakland.

Gov. Brown recently signed into law two bills that help transgender people, while seemingly a rather obvious matter to lend support for, it is also a comforting thought that it survived the governor’s scrutiny — which matters because it shows that the bills will likely survive any legal challenge, if at all.

Thumbs up to the voters of California for bringing wisdom to Sacramento. Precedent set in CA tends to spread to other states.

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  1. so what were these 2 new laws, all the talk is about Gov. Brown but What are these 2 laws?

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