Drive-by-photos — Nike, have you fed your overseas employees today?

The Nike Gulfstream V captured in this recent telephoto photo.

THE GUERRILLA ANGEL REPORT — In this telephoto shot today, the Nike Gulfstream V corporate is seen waiting in front of the Hillsboro, Or. Nike Air hanger for passengers to arrive. The aircraft is rarely visible — its either inside the  hanger or flying. While Nike is one of the better companies in the treatment of production employees around the world, keeping Nike (and other corporations) on their toes by letting them know we’re watching can ensure that it stays that way.

The cost for one is around $65 million and it supposedly burns around 350  gallons of fuel per hour. The Dept. of Defense has a number of these to fly their brass (and the Secy. of Defense) around the world.

From wiki: The Gulfstream V was one of the first “ultra-long range” business aircraft. Capable of carrying up to 16 people in standard seating configurations, and able to fly up to 6,500 nmi (12,000 km), the GV became the longest range business jet ever made (at the time of its introduction).


The Nike Gulfstream V captured in this recent spy photo.


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  1. The plane in this picture isn’t a GV, it’s a GIV.

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