First transgender FDNY firefighter.

Finally seeing a bit of diversity in the FDNY

THE GUERRILLA ANGEL REPORT — This is a major step forward for a fire department with woeful diversity record and is currently battling a Brooklyn discrimination lawsuit.

The male to female firefighter is a third generation family member in the department. Her father is still a firefighter.

From MSNBC: Department sources told the [New York] Post some insensitive colleagues might have a hard time dealing with her transition, but one veteran member said, “especially among those who know the [family], this won’t amount to a hill of beans to them. There’s a lot of respect for the family.”

The unnamed firefighter was quoted in the NY Post: “I am appreciative of the support that the FDNY has given me during this time in my life. However, it is my expressed wish that the details of my personal and professional life remain private . . . ”


I don’t care much for the New York Post, however they have the most information:

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  1. She is not the first in America, What about Lana Moore of the Columbus Fire Dept.

  2. She’s the first in NYC. Is Lana the first in the United States?

  3. No, I am not the first in the United States, not by a longshot. There have been several. I am the first in Columbus, Ohio.

  4. The earliest transsexual firefighter that I know of is Michelle Neff who transitioned on the job here in Ohio on the Westerville Fire Dept. That was in the late 1980’s. Another is Michele Kämmerer who was a Captain on the LAFD in California who transitioned on the job in 1991.

    I’ve been thinking of compiling a history and current directory of trans people in the Fire Service for those who are out and wish to be included, please contact me at my FB account.

    Capt. Lana Moore

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