Transgender still considered a mental disorder by the World Health Organization

European Parliament Building

THE GUERRILLA ANGEL REPORT —  Quote: “The European Parliament is pushing for the World Health Organization to stop classifying trans people as mentally ill.”

Although the WHO has this status under review and a change may occur in 2015, this is rather surprising news to me that it hasn’t been done already. The United States removed that status in 1990.

If Europeans still consider this an illness, imagine how third world countries view transgender people.

Emine Bozkurt, a Dutch member of the EP and Spanish MEP Raul Romeva I Rueda are behind this push to change the status.

More from LezGetReal:  Europe’s Parliament Pushes For Reclassification of Transsexuality | Lez Get Real.

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  1. I can confirm that in south africa, transgender/transsexuals are considered vermin… the public healthcare system has no idea who or what we are, and how to provide for our healthcare needs in terms of hormones and psychological health…

    Most doctors have not heard of transgender/transsexuals…

  2. Vermin, huh? That I do not doubt. 😦

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