Portland Mayor candidate Eileen Brady dodging personal responsibility.

Wouldn't walk her bike. (photo: steel brooks)

THE GUERRILLA ANGEL REPORT — This is disturbing to me — quote:  “Asked what voters should make of the incident, Brady focused on the officer, not her actions.

There is no doubt Portland mayoral candidate Eileen Brady ignored signed posted in the area and the initial request from the law enforcement officer. If elected mayor, she will be responsible for assigning a city commissioner to run the Police Bureau, and could assign herself.

From Willamette Week — contents of the police report:  “At about 7 pm on June 3, 2003, [Portland Police Officer] Lackey was patrolling Waterfront Park on a bike. He was just north of the Hawthorne Bridge, asking riders to walk their bikes. 

“While I was talking to a bicyclist on the seawall, I saw Ms. Brady approaching me—riding her bicycle,”  Lackey wrote in his report. “Ms. Brady looked at me and I told her, ‘Please walk your bicycle until you reach the Hawthorne Bridge.’ Ms. Brady looked away from me and continued riding her bicycle southbound.”

Lackey wrote that he got on his bike, pursued Brady and caught up with her about 300 yards from where he asked her to stop and get off her bike. Along the way, he passed two signs that read “No Bicycles, No Skateboards, No Rollerblades.”

“I rode up alongside Ms. Brady and asked her if she didn’t hear me when I asked her to walk her bicycle,” Lackey wrote. “Ms. Brady said, ‘You scared the shit out of me!’ This was said in front of two children.”

Brady stopped and Lackey parked in front of her.

“She said, ‘I want your name and badge number!’” Lackey wrote. “I asked her if she wanted to take this situation ‘that far.’ She said, ‘Yes I do!’”

Lackey asked to see Brady’s identification. 

“She first made a phone call and told her son to start recording the conversation,” Lackey wrote. 

Then Brady invoked her City Hall connections.

“Ms. Brady also told me she was ‘close friends’ with three (3) city commissioners and would hope that my decision would be influenced,” Lackey wrote.

After that, his report says, “Ms. Brady threw her bicycle to the ground when I asked for her I.D.” At that point, Lackey wrote her a 30-day exclusion from the park.”

Police spokesman Sgt. Pete Simpson on the matter: “The prohibition on bicyclists in that area during Rose Festival has been long-standing, the officer gave Ms. Brady opportunities to comply, and they were not taken.”

Read the entire article in Willamette Week to get Ms. Brady’s comments on the incident:


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