Leaderless Wall St. resistance movement in need of a leader!

Pilots join Wall St. protest (photo: Forbes)

THE GUERRILLA ANGEL REPORT — Protester Chris Biemer: “At a certain point, there’s a valid criticism in people asking, ‘What are you doing here?'” 

The movement began as a protest against greed — something that a large part of the country understands, but now it appears other parties have joined the protests to bring attention to their own smaller “specialized” agendas. The pilots union marching against the United-Continental merger — this alone is a worthy cause of concern for America — but it seemingly adds confusion to many Americans who are trying to get a handle on this protest.

Not that I’m discouraging unions and other groups marginalized by corporate greed from participating — in fact I encourage everyone to join in — it is however time for a single voice stating a clear goal. Otherwise the people we need to reach may just tune out.

More from the LA Times: Occupy Wall Street protesters are driven by varying goals – latimes.com.

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