Madison Park of CNN: Transgender kids — Painful quest to be who they are

THE GUERRILLA ANGEL REPORT —   Quote: “The 3-year-old had learned sign language because he had apraxia, a speech impediment that hindered his ability to talk. The toddler pointed to himself and signed, “I am a girl.”

This is a powerful way to make a point.

Madison Park of CNN writes:

When children insist that their gender doesn’t match their body, it can trigger a confusing, painful odyssey for the family. And most of the time, these families face isolating experiences trying to decide what is best for their kids, especially because transgender issues are viewed as mysterious, and loaded with stigma and judgment.

Read the entire article:  Transgender kids: Painful quest to be who they are –

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  1. Thank you Lexie. Good article, which surprises me, because up until now, CNN has been unbelieveably ignorant and insensitive to Trans issues and stories. Witness, Don Lemon saying; “I forget all the letters, I get confused, (LGBT) We’re ALL Gay anyway.”

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