I was asked: Do I have to register my screenplay for it to be copyright protected?

The Guerrilla Angel on Indie Filmmaking

THE GUERRILLA FILMMAKER’S DOSSIER — Anything you write (except for titles) is copyright protected whether you “register” it or not. This protection is granted to you via U.S. copyright law as soon as your pen leaves paper.

Registering it or other paperwork BS just offers another layer, of perhaps false sense, of “protection”, but doesn’t prevent your work from getting stolen or save you from having to sue to recover damages should this happen.

Whether or not registering your work pencils out depends on the perceived value of it. The higher the possibility it will actually get sold, the more registering it makes sense.

The vast majority of of scripts aren’t worth the paper its printed on and somebody is rolling in dough with the needless $$$ being paid to register worthless scripts.

Thanks for reading and good luck.

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