You shouted. You fell. But you kept rising.

A flogging in Saudi Arabia (photo: Camera Press-Retna)

THE GUERRILLA ANGEL REPORT — Quote: “I have seen many instances of human brutality, but this one was particularly harrowing. In the midst of my revulsion, certain thoughts surfaced. I have been wondering how much courage it takes to lash a woman.”

This is from “Dignity and Depravity” written by Nobel Laureate and Pulitzer-prize winning author Toni Morrison after viewing a video of a woman being flogged.

“The lasting response I had watching that video is the most important. You did not crouch or kneel or assume a fetal position. You shouted. You fell. But you kept rising. After each cut of the lash into your flesh, you tried to stand; you raised your body up like a counter-whip. It so moved me to see your reactions; I interpreted them as glimmers of hope, of principled defiance.”

Read the entire article here:  Toni Morrison on the Injustice of a Public Whipping in Sudan – The Daily Beast.

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