Fire up the DeLorean, faster than light travel is here, maybe.

Currently DeLoreans are being sold for $14K and up on eBay,

THE GUERRILLA ANGEL REPORT — There is a report that scientists have broken the Einstein light speed limit, and if true, opens the door to, ahem, time travel without cheating (wormholes). There are, of course, practical limitations which I’ll get into later, but first, the claim by a group of scientists who supposedly managed to accelerate a particle a fraction of a second faster than the speed of light, must be replicated. I understand that several scientists are trying to do that now to confirm this discovery. However, if this claim cannot be duplicated, then the “discovery” is false regardless of whatever the original scientists announced. Therefore you may want to hold off on the purchase of the DeLorean until the verification is made.

If indeed particles can sped up to exceed the speed of light, then in theory, one can send matter to arrive ahead of an event travelling at light speed. In other words, you and your DeLorean arrives somewhere and you already know what going to occur shortly after arriving.

Of course, there are tech issues to overcome — accelerating even a pound of material close to the speed of light will require most of the energy available on this planet, then there are the G-forces to contend with . . . But let’s not get too carried away just yet. At the moment, let’s see if anyone can replicate this claim before putting down a bid on eBay.

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