Anti-LGBT Boy Scouts peddle for cash in front of Lowes.

THE GUERRILLA ANGEL REPORT — As you know, the Boy Scouts won a legal battle to openly discriminate against transgender people, lesbians and everyone else under the LGBT umbrella. Backlash from other organizations like United Way — which cut off funding to them completely — has brought the Boy Scouts to their knees financially. As a result, you see them peddle in front of stores trying to raise the funds that were lost.

Many of our sisters and brothers rightfully complain to the managers of these stores, reminding them of the Boy Scouts discriminatory practices and often this results in the end of peddling for them. I regularly remind store managers when I see these groups at their stores.

Today however, at a Lowes in the Portland area, after talking with an assistant manager, I was surprised to learn that he supposedly never heard of this discrimination practice. It occurred to me that a lot of time has passed and now we have to EDUCATE, not just remind people of the dubious organization that is the Boy Scouts.

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