Dubious behavior: Avian Aeronautics, Avian Flight, et., al. brings politics to fly-in

Last update: JULY 2016 — A vehicle with Avian Aeronautics signage sporting numerous political stickers was parked prominently (political stickers facing pedestrian traffic) along the main flightline during the Arlington (WA) fly-in this month (see photo). The vehicle was next to Avian Aeronautics’ tent displaying their wares while the event was open to the public. No other political messaging was spotted elsewhere in the fly-in’s exhibition/show area. Avian Aeronautics appears to be the only offender. Entry fee was $17.00. The presence of political messaging was reported to the event’s coordinators. At this writing there has been no reply from the business.

Online research revealed the owner of the business is Mr. Pat Heseltine. Research indicates the business employs at least a dozen employees. It is not known if the vehicle was driven by the owner or an employee. Research indicates Haseltine has received honors for his work in aviation.


Patronizing of Avian Aeronautics is not recommended since their political views are conflict with ours. They don’t care about having us as customers, further, politically, they wish us harm. Spend your dollars elsewhere.

The emboldened selfishness of putting their political views on prominent display during a non-partisan public event ought to enough to discourage everyone else from patronizing the business as well, regardless of where you stand in the political arena. They’re an embarassment to the aviation community.

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