Transgender student bathroom saga continues in Georgia. School dist. supt. says NO!

Todd Grant Elementary School in Georgia

THE GUERRILLA ANGEL REPORT — Supt. tells newspaper: “All the information I have shows that the child is a little girl. . . . My position remains the same, the child should use the girls’ restroom.” Supt. William “Al” Hunter made this remark Friday after a teacher earlier in the week denied a 7-year-old known trans child permission to use a boys room at Todd Grant Elementary school in McIntosh County, Georgia.

Read my previous post on this topic here:

The school board is expected to take up the matter shortly, perhaps overruling the decision. They could, however, take no action on the matter.

The latest from the Florida Times-Union:  Transgender student issue perplexes McIntosh County, Ga., parents, school officials |

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