Transgender child denied use of boy’s bathroom at school.

Todd Grant Elementary School in Georgia

THE GUERRILLA ANGEL REPORT — A teacher denied a 7-year-old known trans child permission to use a boys room at Todd Grant Elementary school in McIntosh County, Georgia. The child’s father, Theollyn, also a trans person, has taken the child out of school and has asked the school board to resolve the matter.

The family recently transferred the child to a public school from a private school after facing financial difficulties. The father says he talked with child’s new teacher in advance and they agreed to allow the child to use the boy’s room. This, however, did not happen once school started.

One report said the school superintendent, William Hunter, wanted to bring in the children’s protective service. However, they were not called and the superintendent did not comment further.

Georgia school denies use of boy’s bathroom to transgender child  |

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