Texas Gov. Rick Perry’s pants are on fire.

Big government or small government, which is it Gov. Perry?

THE GUERRILLA ANGEL REPORT — Make do with less Perry said as he slashed Texas’ volunteer fire departments budget 70% earlier this year. Now that his state is on fire, his smaller government mantra has clearly backfired (pun intended). The vast majority of fire departments in Texas are volunteer — especially the ones used to fight wildfires.

Instead of digging into Texas’ budget to pay for for this fire emergency, he had the gall to ask the FEMA to help pay — thats FEDERAL money, yours and mine, to pay for Perry’s blunder.
Now I don’t wish ill will on Texans, but if they are going to elect people who are going to impose “smaller government” on the people, they ought to pay for the consequences themselves. Not ask you and I to pay for their mistake.

BTW, If Rick Perry is the GOP pick, all Obama has to do is pull out a copy of the federal FEMA check to Texas, to breeze to a victory.

What do you think?

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