Indie Filmmaking: Should YOU invest in someone’s indie film?

The Guerrilla Angel on Indie Filmmaking

I might get crucified here, but as an investment, films are lousy. In fact, the chances are next to zero. Short films? Less than zero. At least with a feature film, you have a product that can be sold — either outright to a distributor, or direct to customers in the way of DVDs or streaming. Shorts have no market to speak of.

Basically when filmmakers asks for money, they’re asking you to help underwrite their project. There are many good reasons to help as long as you understand no smart person “invests” in films.

Besides, The FTC states that filmmakers cannot use the word “invest” without forming a corporation and offering a prospectus to potential investors. Not doing so and collecting money amounts to fraud. If you do invest, make sure the papers are in order so that at least you’ll get a tax write off.

Whether you donate or invest — you’ll at least be able to say you’re in the Movie Business — and that might be worth every dime!

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