Commentary: Health reasons cited for Michelle Bachmann top campaign staff turnover. Really?

Facts don't matter!

THE GUERRILLA ANGEL REPORT — Yeah, right. Unless they’re actually laying in an ICU, top staffers don’t leave campaigns at critical moments for “health reasons”. Indeed, Bachmann has a history of staff turnover — ten press secretaries and chief of staffs during her 2 terms as a Congresswoman.

I’m coming down hard on Bachmann because she is trying to raise the level of American stupidity. Facts don’t matter to Bachmann — she’ll say anything and everything to get people to buy into her illusions — and shockingly, many have, quite willingly.

Right now her campaign is stumbling a bit — perhaps the staffers who have left have consciences, I don’t know, but a very spectacular and public Bachmann flame out would bring grins to the  thinkers amongst us.


The latest on Bachmann:

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