New youth center director fired for perceived lesbian sexual orientation on Facebook.

Bob Burdette Center of Charleston, W.Va.

THE GUERRILLA ANGEL REPORT — According to the woman’s attorney, the board took a look at her Facebook page and decided she might be a lesbian and did an about face and fired her.

The woman, Jessica A Hudson is suing the Bob Burdette Center in Charleston, W. Va.  Her lawyer, Rick Brown would not say what her client’s actual orientation is, but he did say this: “The reason she was fired is because she was perceived as being a lesbian. Whether she is or not is immaterial.”

This case, of course, is one to watch. West Virgina isn’t exactly a hotspot for LGBT civil rights, however, some of the funding the youth center gets comes from the city of Charleston — a city that ban employment discrimination based on sexual orientation.


Bob Burdette Center
1401 Washington Street, West
Charleston, WV 25312       (304) 720-3755

Apparently this center is associated with this church:

1401 Washington Street
Charleston, WV 25387

Phone: (304) 342-4988
Fax: (304) 343-3041

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