Law professor at Jerry Falwell’s school says: “All gay men are either being pedophiles or working to advance “the pedophile movement”

Jerry Falwell

THE GUERRILLA ANGEL REPORT — Just when we thought Jerry Falwell’s demise put an end false and outrageous claims against LGBT people from the Falwell camp, a law professor at Falwell’s Liberty University, Judith Reisman, continues in the same tradition in a manner that would make the school’s now-deceased founder proud!

Reisman also said: “the aim of homosexual males and now increasingly females is not to have sex with other old guys and get married but to obtain sex with as many boys as possible.”

Clearly the Falwell camp continues to spread lies and misinformation to prop up an agenda out of the 19th century.

Liberty University was founded in 1971 by Jerry Falwell and is now run by his son Jerry Falwell Jr.

More information on this topic:  All Gay Men Aim ‘To Obtain Sex With As Many Boys As Possible’ – Liberty | The New Civil Rights Movement.

Liberty University 1971 University Boulevard Lynchburg, Virginia 24502

University Switchboard (434) 582-2000

Ron Brown

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