A Plea for Trans Unity

THE GUERRILLA ANGEL REPORT — Transgender. I like the word. Trans people, trans women, et al., they’re good too. Transgender covers everybody under the umbrella without having to disclose information some may or may not want others to know.

Many disagree with me though. They prefer the pie be cut up, with each slice given an unique name for the general public, and especially, the media, to use. Some are rather militant about it,
insisting everyone label themselves according to the correct pie slice you’re in. If you happen to be in the “wrong” slice, you may not be welcome anywhere else.

This is not my idea of progress. I see everyone under the transgender umbrella united as one. Yes, we have differences, and yes, one has the right to express and discuss those differences, but no one division can dictate terms for the others, because we all are indeed, equal in importance.

Thanks for reading. Comments welcome!

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  1. Here is the problem is this argument of yours. To make it short, this whole so-called “trans unity” argument is based on a fallacy that is not even remotely based on any kind of evidence-based reality.

    It becomes quite telling that the analogy of choice here is the “slices of the pie”; it assumes, with no rational basis, that they are cut from the same, large whole.

    The “trans” as a politicized identity group has always been problematic, at best it was a mixed blessing and its usefulness is temporary at best. To its credit, it has helped accomplish a lot of advance in legal and political arena; yet it also established a kind of “modular component” within the greater queer community that, depending on political expediency, could be conveniently discarded — as years of struggles for ENDA and its uneasy relationship with “trans inclusion” demonstrate. If the “unity” is the main goal, then the “trans” must inseparably and inextricably unite in a complete solidarity with all sexual minorities. Yet this is not happening precisely because of the “trans” movement’s willful detachment from the gay liberation movement — which, in turn, is based on their own internalized homophobia and their resultant battle-cry, “We are transgender, we are not gay.”

    Mixing up of a very widely diverging populations who experience differing medical/biological conditions into one single umbrella based on someone’s false perception, is not going to work. The entire “trans unity” fallacy ignores and makes invisible the diversity and differing interests and experiences of those who experience and struggle with a variety of such medical/biological conditions, anywhere from transvestic fetishism to autogynephilia to intersexuality, all unrelated to one another.

    Furthermore, much of the “trans unity” and “trans activism” are historically steered by those who possess privilege, i.e., white, middle-class males. While they have necessary political capital and connections to accomplish what they have accomplished, their dominance and paternalism still nevertheless show whenever I hear of “trans unity” and such.

  2. Personally, I don’t care what gender a person is, identifies with, thinks like or prefers. When I talk with someone, I don’t care if they have a Penis or a Vagina.

    I don’t care if they had one and was surgically given the other.

    I don’t care about any of that.

    What I do care about is that they are a human being. And as far as I am concerned… that is the ONLY designation they need, or require. We are all a part of the same pie.

    To assume that pie needs to be sliced up and re-designated.. to me… all that means is that we devalue a Human life.


  3. You wish to be a transgender, fine. But you can shove your damn umbrella where the sun don’t shine and open it.

    When you insist a female bodied woman who lives a woman’s life is a transgender it is not just an insult, it is actual hate speech that really is saying she can never be a woman, that the medical birth condition she was born with and was cured forever defines her. That born male, always male. That is what it actually says. There is zero difference when that comes from a religious nutcase, a lunatic radfem (and most of them are not lunactics) or a chick with a dick trying to coattail off her medical history.

    Call me a transgender to my face and I will break your nose at the minimum.

  4. @sam, thanks for your comment.

    @sarah, I get what you’re saying, TG issues are deeper and more complex than many of us realize, however if we cannot present a front that is simple for the general public to grasp, we’re not going to make much progress in the equality department. Any that we do do gain its because of our loose association with the LGB crowd – they benefit, we benefit. And its not just the general public – many TG individuals find it too complicated and a bit militant — all we want to do is just be and have equal rights. You have the right to have your own views, I respect that. Thanks for responding.

    @catkisser, any valid comment you might have made was invalidated by your ad hominem comments. You’re welcome to try again.

  5. I think part of the problem is this artificial and arbitrary separation between “sexual orientation” and “gender identity.” Homophobia does not (in general) stem from what one might do in bed with whom; rather homophobia, discrimination and hate crimes occur because the heteronormative and patriarchal system favors manliness. This also holds true with homophobia against butch lesbians; men are threatened by their manhood being usurped by those whom they think are not worthy of that manhood. All sexual minorities to a great extent suffer oppressions based on and arising from the same source. The past polemics between the “LGB crowd” versus the “T” are simply giving the conservatives an advantage.

  6. I’ve endured about 15 years of the most vicious, nasty personal attacks on my womanhood imaginable from the transvestite activist crowd. I’m out of patience and niceness. Deal with it transvestite

  7. @sarah, I think you making valid points, but can you explain more clearly this for me: The past polemics between the “LGB crowd” versus the “T” are simply giving the conservatives an advantage.” Are you speaking of conservatives outside the LGBT community or conservatives in the T-crowd?

    @catkisser, be that it may, if you want people to listen to you, even if its venting, ad hominem attacks must be avoided.

  8. I feel no obligation to be nice to gynophobic mysogynists any longer. I call them as I see them. [deleted] your unity, you are the enemy.

  9. @catkisser, once again because of ad hominem attacks your comments cannot be discussed.

  10. There is nothing to discuss…..you are the enemy. Your position is one of such profound disrespect of others that you won’t even hear because you don’t like the fact I am pissed off at your disrespect. So be it.

  11. @catkisser, let me rephrase it: nobody is reading your comments. If you have something to say, its not being heard. If you want to be heard, you must refrain from ad hominem comments, thank you.

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