Carpeting — A third of a million pounds of it goes to a landfill every 10 days.

Next stop, landfill

THE GUERRILLA ANGEL REPORT — And this is just for one large city. I had the opportunity to observe the ongoings at a carpet recycling center and discovered a surprising 60% of carpets CAN be recycled. Some fibers, including wool, can be reused. Some of the plastic backing and carpet under layment can be recycled into resin. Unfortunately, a much of it has no value and ends up in our landfills. It would seem to me that creating carpeting from materials that CAN be recycled is the way to go here.

I was also struck by the amount of carpeting thrown away that wasn’t too worn — people and businesses remodel or update their homes and businesses long before many carpets are truly worn out. Good for the ecology? Not if it can’t be recycled.

Kudos to those in the business of recycling carpets! Oh, and the most popular color? Beige!

40% ends up in a landfill.


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