Facts indicates President Obama most trans-friendly president ever.

President Barack Obama

THE GUERRILLA ANGEL REPORT — In a great article by Sarah Wood in Addicting Info, evidence shows that that Obama has done more for trans/LGBT people in the area of civil rights than any chief executive in history.  The list of achievements in Sarah’s article should put to rest complaints that Obama “hasn’t done enough” for us.

One trans-specific example from the article:

The Department of State revised the standards for changing a gender marker on a passport, making the process less burdensome for transgender people.

Anyone who has undergone a gender change will tell you that one the most difficult aspects of it is the seemly impossible task of changing gender on simple things from drivers licenses to passports.

Read the full article here and make up your own mind:


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  1. While many of us wish he would speed up this process, we ought to be grateful for what we’ve gained to date. Perhaps after 2012 we’ll see even bigger gains with re-election politics out of the way.

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