Having sex after gender reassignment surgery is ‘satisfactory’ for most says new study

srsTHE GUERRILLA ANGEL REPORT — Eighty percent of male-to-female (M2F) people in the study engaged in sexual intercourse following surgery with most achieving orgasms. However, 40% reported eventual complications, some requiring additional surgery. It should be noted that the rate of complications declined during the 13 year study period — likely due to surgeons becoming more experienced doing the procedure.

While the female-to-male (F2M) group in the study was smaller, all reported sexual satisfaction even though the constructed phallus were of a size that limited penetration. However, a procedure of refashioning clitoral tissue allowed erections. The complication rate wasn’t clear — F2M people typically have 2 to 3 surgeries to complete the entire process while M2F usually just have one.

Dr. Maria Helena Palma Sircili began the study at University of San Paulo (Brazil) in 1997 when it became legal to do SRS in Brazil. Her findings were presented at the American Urological Association’s 2013 Annual Scientific Meeting,


I found interesting a comment of what one someone saw as a futile attempt at constructing phallus if they’re all of a short length. This was countered by Dr. Sircili stating that for F2M people, leaving behind the female body was paramount over penis size — they’re not really worried about this.

“I also found this comment by Dr. Sean Elliott, director of reconstructive urology at the University of Minnesota equally interesting: “In the United States, most people have given up doing these procedures [constructing phallus]. No one has reported their results.”

Elliott also said the existing body of research studies like the one Sircili has done was rather small.

More: Sex-Change Operations Mostly Successful.



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30 replies

  1. as a 9 month post-op female, I am very happy with my new part and it is wonderful when my boyfriend and I are having sex.

  2. Very satisfied with sex after SRS. It’s beyond awesome and I have had the best sex in my entire life. Felt right for the first time too.

  3. I find achieving orgasm very difficult and almost impossible with a partner, but the physical feeling of being penetrated and being held are very satisfying. Vaginal depth is an issue with men who are larger than average.

  4. Does anyone know whether the survey specifically targeted bi/straight trans women, or whether it was just coincidence that such a high proportion were into penetrative sex? I’m curious what the figures are like for gay trans women.

  5. Thanks for the comments everyone.

  6. Study does not take into account the effects of anti-testosterone meds. They can chemically create permanent inability to orgasm in some people.

  7. Me and my girlfriend is very unhappy with the results her depth went from 7in to 3in and we have both been unable to have sex

  8. need some info about this

  9. The time will come for me in 17 days.

  10. It has been 2 1/2 years since my sex reassignment surgery. I have been intimate with men and women. I have experienced many orgasms, including multiple orgasms with men, women and solo. It rarely, if ever, happens with penetration alone. Ask any woman.

    There are several things you should consider prior to your SRS.
    1. Do your research on the surgeon you plan to use. You get one shot at this to get it right. Make sure he is communicative, clear and provides you with instructions. In writing.
    2. Follow the instructions to the letter. Wait the full designated time they tell you to wait, or longer, prior to having intercourse. My instructions were wait 3 months. I waited 4 months.
    3. Do your dilations according to schedule! If in doubt, doing more is better than less. Most patients who experience profoundly decreased depth are usually a result of NOT doing their dilations properly or on schedule. Be aggressive with it but not foolhardy.
    4. Dilating isn’t about pleasure. I’m doing my weekly dilation right now. Not what I call pleasure, for the most part ;-) I call my large dilator Fat Bastard for a reason and it’s not joy. It feels more like a frigging redwood!
    5. Dilating isn’t the same thing as intercourse, no matter what anyone tells you. Dilating is completely controlled penetration, stretching and shaping. Intercourse is NOT under your control and can cause irreparable damage if done too soon. You’ve waited your whole life for this surgery. Wait 3 months more!
    6. Give it time! Nerve tissue takes a long time to reconnect and our personal milage may vary greatly. Don’t use someone else as a benchmark for your expectations. In fact, don’t have any silly expectations.
    7. Always remember that your most powerful and sensitive sexual organ lies not between your legs but between your ears.
    8. After they finally remove the bandages and dressings and you take that blessed shower, stand over a mirror and giggle like an idiot for 15 minutes. It felt awesome.
    9. Have fun!

  11. This whole topic is just plain wrong. I can’t believe doctors actually partake in these types of surgeries.

    • Can you explain why this is a problem for you?

      • Its a lie. It goes against messages we’ve been telling children for years…”be happy with who you are”. Now the massage seems to be ” be happy with who you can be made to be after surgery”. I get that it may be a real condition, but I think some things should be left the way that they are, and this is kind of a big one.

        • Then Dan, what do you do to resolve the ultra-high suicide attempt rate amongst transgender people?

        • Dan, you’re certainly entitled to your opinion. However, many of us consider our physical features of our bodies to be a “birth defect”. And, I would never tell a child with a cleft lip to tough it up and avoid plastic surgery because you need to be happy with who you are or that “God doesn’t make mistakes”. I don’t feel that God made a mistake with me but,instead, presented me with this life challenge that I’ve had to be brave to face head on.

    • I do not see how these surgeries could possibly impact your life in any manner whatsoever.
      Don’t want a sex change?
      Don’t get one!

      Gender Dysphoria is a proven medical condition. Transitioning and reassignment surgery are viable and effective treatments for it.

  12. Generally the cost seems worse than the procedure part, Im afraid Ill never make enough money in this life to be the man I know and always have been..,

  13. I really wish I had seen this even a week before it was published – those numbers would have given me serious pause about SRS that I had on May 14 of 2013, to the point that I would have canceled due to the risk.

    I was one who was able to orgasm with ease until the day before I had SRS, and have not in nearly two years since. I’m lesbian so that hasn’t been an issue and, much to my surprise, my libido rebounded to somewhat higher than pre-HRT levels.

    I went to a well regarded surgeon and all. I’m just one of the unlucky ones.

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